Enjoy The Best Of Chinese Restaurant In New York City

Americans generally are known to eat only hot dogs and hamburgers. Meanwhile, ever since the establishment of Chinese restaurants in America, Americans have come to love and accept Chinese\’s mouthwatering meals. New York City is one of the cities in America that does not suffer from a Chinese food shortage. The popular Chinese restaurant starts from Midtown to West Village. If you need some spicy Sichuan chicken wings, Cantonese dumplings, and Yunnan noodles, there are a lot of options available as to where you can get them in New York City. This article features New York City\’s best gathering for eating Chinese cuisines.


Best Chinese Restaurant In New York City


This Chinese restaurant can be found around Manhattan and Brooklyn all in New York City. The restaurant also serves as a music venue which centres on art and has a good list of DJs. The Mission Chinese Restaurant is an excellent place for lovers of dancing. Food served in this restaurant is great for sharing. It would be best if you came along with friends. Some of the special meals served are; Coconut shrimp fried rice and numbing mapo tofu.


Cafe China is a midtown eatery in New York. This is a restaurant for light bits post-work. For lovers of spicy food, this is one of the best restaurants you should visit. The cafe China has mouthwatering food ranging from chicken and Szechuan-style freshly pickled vegetables. Meals like the dan dan noodles and the shredded bang bang chicken with peanuts is a must for traditionalists to order. Trying out the tea-smelled duck never goes wrong as you can hardly get that from other restaurants.


The Chinese Tuxedo restaurants are perfectly illuminated by a golden glow and well covered with gigantic leafy plants. Tue restaurant is suitable for group outings of maybe ten persons. It is a good place to use when introducing something entirely new to your friends. The Chinese Tuxedo has a blend of both classics and creative meals of dumplings and seafood. Vegetarians are not left out as they can also find different dishes that suit them, such as Sichuan and Peanut Caramel and Crispy Aubergine. If you are looking for a place to spend your evenings, then Chinese Tuxedo is the right place to be.


This restaurant is located in the East Village around Bryant Park. Mala\’s project is the exact place for weekend dinners. In this restaurant a dried pot is placed, allowing you to select seafood, meat, spice, and toppings. The restaurant is budget-friendly as you can have a simple food like the Spicy Tofu added with vegetables. Other meals served at Mala\’s Project include; Shiitake and Oyster Mushrooms, Glass Noodles with Enoki and Bean-Curd Sheet.


Nom Wah Tea Parlour, established in 1920, is New York City\’s best tea parlour. The Nom Wah Tea Parlour gained reputation having been used in Hollywood movies. Sunday lunch dumplings and pastries can be gotten from here. Meals served in Nom Wah Tea Parlour include prawn and bacon rolls, scallion pancakes and pan-fried pork dumpling. Special meals that Nom Wah Tea Parlour is known for are Almond cookies and steam red buns. 


Xi\’an famous food is located around Flushing in New York City. It is the best place for you to get a good, westernised Chinese meal. The Xi\’an Famous Food was named the second-best Chinese restaurant in the U.S in 2015. Some of their meals are lamb burger, spicy, sour spinach dumplings, a spicy, tingly beef noodle soup.


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