How To Avoid Getting Scammed By Taxi Drivers

Travel scams do exist, but taxi scams are one of the most common types of travel scams you don\’t want to experience as it can be so frustrating and scary. Many honest, professional taxi drivers can be found, but the bad ones carrying out this act on its passengers make people not trust the system. Putting aside pickpockets and money scams, taxi\’s should be avoided when travelling as it is known to be the best place where you can easily get scammed. Taxis are grand with trapping people or taking them to a wrong destination. Not to worry, when you know what to look out for and how best to react, you be ready when it happens. 

Common Taxi Scams And How To Avoid It

There are various ways or methods that a taxi driver will use to scam you, no matter the type of country you decide to visit. Below are common scams, telling you how it works, how you can spot them, and handling them. These safety tips will make sure you and your money are safe.

  1. Driver Takes You To A Wrong Destination

This type of scam happens when the driver takes you to the wrong place, say a jewelry shop instead of where you agreed to go. They then pretend to tell you they know a particular place and forget something you need. If you eventually buy from that shop, the driver will have a share of the overpriced goods. It is best to avoid this by insisting the driver takes you to your destination before entering the cab. 

  1. The \”No Change\” Technique

Here, after getting to your destination and paying him, the driver will insist on not completely changing. He is fully aware that he has changed; the driver will say there is no difference between the agreed price and the change left. This is one of the common and frustrating taxi scams. It is the best way always to have the exact amount or have a bit of change in the local currency. 

  1. Driver Decides To Take the Long Route

Since we put all our hope and trust on the driver to take us to our destination, since they know the best road, it becomes easy for drivers to scams you by taking you through long journeys and charging high fares. It is best to know how long the ride will take or better still have a GPS on your phone and correct the driver when they want to deviate. 

  1. Unlicensed Taxis

Fake taxis are prevalent in our present world, and they are always ready to give you a ride. This type of taxi scam does not pose any bodily harm, as the driver needs your money. They charge you as they feel and use the route you request for. Going for a licensed taxi will do you more good than harm. 

  1. Changes the Price System

Upon arrival, the taxi driver announces that the fare stated on the metre is meant for each passenger and not the entire passengers. He, therefore, insist that each person pays the same price. Always make sure you ask if the fare is per person or the entire ride, making sure he agrees with you verbally. 

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