STAR BLACK CAR Fleet Management And Safety Procedures


As a fleet manager, the safety of both your driver and your vehicle should be paramount. Since keeping them safe is the only way they can be productive and be ready to hit the road. This helps to increase the profit of the company. Fleet management is beyond keeping your vehicles running on the road; rather, it takes into cognisance of your driver\’s well-being. Since it is said that a productive worker is a happy worker, therefore, your driver\’s comfort and happiness should not be taken for granted as it will help portray a good image of the company to outsiders.

Top Fleet Management Tips

  1. Preventive Maintenance Programme Should Be Carried Out

There is a saying that goes thus, \”prevention is better than cure\”. That is exactly what a preventive maintenance programme entails. Instead of waiting or hoping that something bad happens to any of your vehicles before you decide to repair the damage, it is best to ensure that regular checks are done on your vehicles to identify and instantly fix any problem detected to avoid spending more when the problem worsens as it will impact negatively on the smooth running of the business. A daily preventive maintenance programme should be carried out. Daily preventive maintenance programmes that need to be carried out are; engine oil and filter change, cooling system, exterior and interior lights, transmission, exhaust system, windscreen wiper system, and endeavour to check the tyres, wheels and trims. 

  1. Total Cost Of Ownership

Keep a close look at the maintenance cost and see if it rises above your vehicle\’s age. Also, read the manufacturer\’s warranty coverage carefully and see how it will affect the total cost of ownership. Have a comprehensive knowledge about the vehicle\’s scrap value and study the market to know when to sell the vehicle at a cost-effective price. 

  1. Select The Best Spec Vehicle For The Job

This is another way of making sure your vehicles are in perfect condition. Before embarking on any road trip, make sure the vehicle\’s usage is carefully outlined, the distance it effectively covers, and the kind and weight of the load it can conveniently carry. Maintenance cost can be increased, and drivers\’ comfort and well-being can deteriorate when you under-spec a car that you know ordinarily is not up to the task. Also, when you over-spec a car, it will lead to an increase in the maintenance cost.

  1. Fleet Maintenance Policy Should Be Communicated With The Drivers

The driver is the only one that knows how a vehicle performs, and he also looks out for potential threats that the vehicle might experience. The drivers must be fully aware of their responsibilities and report any issues when the need arises. They should also be checked to see if a driver knows what to do when a car needs repair or got involved in an accident. When this is carried out, it helps boost your ability in the effective management of your fleet. 

  1. Use All-Season Tire     

We often neglect the purpose of tire pressure even when we know its role in our vehicles. The tire pressure of your vehicles should be checked at regular intervals. When not checked, it causes tire tears. It also increases the cost of maintenance when you have to change the tires due to the weather. Instead of spending more on changing tires as different seasons come, getting an all-season tire to serve for the whole year will surely provide better performance. However, this type of tires is a little on the high side but is considered reliable when it comes to safety.

  1. Ensure Fleet Management Is A Team Affair

Being a fleet manager, you are accountable for keeping the fleet clean, but you should involve your team in every step you take. Your drivers should monitor simple safety procedures and respond to issues when the vehicle suffers a breakdown. Besides, getting in-house technicians or making use of outsourced technicians to perform a routine inspection on the vehicles will also help validate if your vehicles can hit the road.

STAR BLACK CAR | Boston Car Service

Running a fleet is not cheap, but you can cut down on cost by performing regular preventive maintenance on all vehicles to check if they are in good shape. Fleet management becomes easier when you have the right tools. At STAR BLACK CAR we make know how important our fleet maintenance is to us. For the sake of our clients, we ensure that all of our vehicles are adequately maintained and serviced before hitting the road. Book a ride with us today, and experience safety and comfort down to your destination.